Today's guest is Sam.

I came over to visit Sam for afternoon tea, and he greeted me in this blue kimono. I just had to whip out my camera, and immediately checked the letter K.

The contrast of the colours and materials keep the look cool and simple, but the fittings of the outer and inner layers make it dynamic. The loose drape gives a comfy feel while the tight makes it subtly sexy.  The white peeking from the half-sleeves is just the right amount to balance the white in the centre.  

The word kimono in Japanese literally means a 'thing to wear' (ki: to wear, mono: thing).  In the modern days the word refers to 'traditional garment', which has taken many forms over the course of time.  The significant characteristic of kimono that differs from western clothing is that the pattern is rectilinear, which wraps and drapes over the body, whereas the pattern of western clothing takes curvilinear shapes fitted to the body. 

Tradition seeks the new edge of styles, transforming with unconventional material and playful paring.  How would you wear it...?